Are You Ready for
the Future Of Work?

The Future-Proof Workplace is a survival guide for the new reality of business. The future is no longer some far-off destination; it is here, right now, and already changing the way we work. This invaluable guide is your wake-up call—the future is now.

The Future-Proof Workplace

The Future-Proof Workplace highlights the changes already taking place around us: the transition from skills to knowledge, the neuroscience approach to leadership and motivation, galloping technical advances, and more.

Whether you're a CEO, a leader or manager, or just trying to survive the chaos, this invaluable guide is your wake-up call—the future is not tomorrow, the future is today.

To succeed you need to understand the new forces that are emerging.

The Future-Proof Workplace details the transformation every business must make to turn upheaval into opportunity.

  • Discover how emerging technologies and neuroscience research are already impacting the way we work

  • Learn how yesterday's biases are being replaced by modern values, culture, and relationships.

  • Consider the "heart" of your organization, and whether it can stand up to the purpose-driven paradigm of the future

Everyone knows that changes are needed—and fast. The question is: which changes, and how?

The Future-Proof Workplace maps the transformation, and gives you an itinerary for each step of the way.

Meet The Future-Proof Workplace Authors

Dr. Linda Sharkey

Dr. Linda Sharkey is a trusted transformational expert, author, speaker, and global leadership development coach. Through her programs and no-nonsense approach, she helps create high-potential leaders and shapes company culture.

Linda has deep experience working with Fortune 50 companies, and held senior human resource executive positions at Hewlett-Packard and at GE Capital. Her co-authored book Winning With Transglobal Leadership was named one of the top 30 best business books for 2013.

Dr. Sharkey is a founding member of the Marshall Goldsmith Group, and a member of the Marshall Goldsmith 100 Global Coaches.

Dr. Sharkey is an inspiring keynote speaker at many global events, including the Global HR Academy with the Conference Board and the World Human Resources Development Conference, where she was honored with the “Super Women Achievement Award.”

Contact Linda:

Tel: +1 (910) 553-4125

Morag Barrett, MHRM, CFCIPD, CCUG

Morag Barrett is a highly accomplished keynote speaker, executive coach and bestselling author of Cultivate - The Power of Winning Relationships. Morag is the founder and CEO of SkyeTeam, a boutique leadership development firm.

With a background in corporate banking, Morag brings a pragmatic perspective to her work with forward-thinking global organizations, from start-up to FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 companies.

Originally from the UK, she has experience working with more than 3,000 leaders in twenty countries on four continents. Partnering with clients in a range of industries including: Healthcare, Telecoms, Mining, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Technology.

Morag's regularly invited to speak at conferences focusing on the human element of digital transformations. She's contributed to,, and the American Management Association amongst others.

Contact Morag:

Tel: +1 (303) 725-1728

The Future Proof Workplace: Linda Sharkey &
Morag Barrett talk with Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

Listen as Dr. Marshall Goldsmith interviews Linda and Morag about their research for The Future-Proof Workplace.

How future-proof is your career or Organization?

Is your Organization Future-Proof?

Discover if your organization is ready for the 21st Century or
if you're stuck in the past.

Is your Career Future-Proof?

Find out whether your career is poised to thrive, survive or
if you're at risk of obsolescence!

Endorsements for The Future-Proof Workplace

David Ulrich

Rensis Likert Professor of Business,
University of Michigan

"Linda and Morag do an outstanding job of helping us see what is coming. Their ideas are insightful, stories captivating, and recommendations useful."

Margaret M. Keane

Chief Executive Officer
Synchrony Financial

"The Future-Proof Workplace provides the insights you need to ensure your organization is prepared today for the changes that are already upon us."

Nazneen Razi

Chief Human Resources Officer,
Health Care Services Corp

"Valuable insights that help organizations seize opportunities in this rapidly changing landscape, transforming possible vulnerabilities into a competitive advantage."

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